Perkbox – Reward your team with exclusive perks!


Interested in offering your employees benefits and rewards? We have teamed up with Perkbox, the leading employee benefits provider. To find out more and discover how you can improve employee happiness, motivation and retention take a look here.

We are delighted to have teamed up with the UK’s fastest-growing employee engagement platform, Perkbox. 

Did you know 61% of the UK’s workforce is disengaged?

Perkbox helps businesses attract, retain and reward top talent, with exclusive perks that add value to any lifestyle.

This phenomenon of disengaged employees is estimated to be costing the UK economy £340 billion every year in lost training and recruitment costs, sick days, productivity and innovation.

At Perkbox, we believe businesses of every size deserve an employee engagement solution that’s affordable and effective. Our platform has been built to enhance the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of your employees. By rewarding the whole team with a members-only platform, you could boost productivity and retention – making your company a more attractive place to work.

The Perkbox platform includes over 200 exclusive perks to engage and reward your employees with!

These are specially chosen to complement any lifestyle – from great price cinema tickets, to 10% off at big-name restaurants, to up to 5% off at supermarkets nationwide. But perks are just the beginning. Your team can stay in tip-top shape with hundreds of free, high-quality wellness classes, while our Rewards & Recognition feature is a fun way to celebrate great work.

What is Perkbox all about?

Designed to enhance the financial, emotional and physical well-being of your employees.

Reward your employees with FREE access to over 200 perks and benefits 24/7...

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Happiness starts here!

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“Perkbox enhances the all important work, life balance.” PropertyServe UK

“Joining Perkbok is one of the best things we have done as a company.” Next Stage

“Easy to set up, administer and most importantly, easy to use for our for our employees.” Sagacity Solutions

“Great for employers who value their staff.” Precision Facilities Management

“Employees are more engaged because people know there is more to their job.” Lucketts Travel