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As part of our continued commitment to ensuring your HR solutions are the best for your business, we are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with the cloud-based HR software provider; Breathe HR.

We are now able to combine our services, with an intuitive HR system. This system can automate all of those time consuming HR admin tasks freeing up more time to help your business grow.

The secret to the success of any business, is managing your employees. They are your most valuable asset within your business and by using our HR Software you will be able to free up your time so you can concentrate on nurturing your talent.

Easy to use on-line HR Software

The success of your company is about managing your employees — not paper. By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, our HR software provides a cloud-based solution designed to tame the chaos so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people.

Cumbersome HR systems are officially a thing of the past.

Keeping all your employee information in one place and automating all those time consuming human resource administrative tasks, the HR software provided by CommissioningHR will transform the way you do HR. With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes, this HR system gives you the tools you need to support your business.

How can HR Software help your business?

Centralise Records

One central location for all HR information with employee self‐service to keep everything up to date. As the system is could-based you can easily and safely access all your HR data from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Organise Documents

Keep all employee documents safe and publish policies & templates online. Securely store or share documents with specific employees knowing that all your company and employee documents are in one easy to use location.

Book Holidays

Manage holiday bookings and absence allowances with a simple online approval process. Employees can access their holiday allowance and submit requests in a central holiday calendar.

Manage Sickness

Take control of sickness – every absence is logged, approved and analysed in your HR system.

Improve Performance

Standardise the way you manage performance and keep track of objectives.

Tasks & Reminders

Manage day to day employee tasks from the HR Dashboard with email reminders and onscreen notifications.

Streamline Reporting

Spot important trends by generating custom reports that show only the information you need. Report Library and one‐click Data Export makes Management & HR reporting a breeze.

Track Expenses 

Easily manage employee expense claims and generate reports to help calculate budgets and spot trends. Employees can easily complete a claim form for managers to approve.

Set Permissions & Be Organised 

Set line manager and employee permissions to simplify your day and use the automatically generated tasks and email reminders to keep you on track.

Boost Performance 

Promote peer‐to‐peer recognition and give praise, manage appraisals, increase communication channels, set one‐to‐one meetings and manage objectives.

API System Integration

Streamline information across your favourite systems and be rest assured knowing that your data has synced perfectly between platforms.


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Don't think your business needs HR software?

Here are 5 reasons why you might...

  1. Improved Security
    Security is a huge priority for all SME's. Keeping your employees data within a cloud-based system means reducing the paper work that is kept on location. The protection that goes into a system is far superior than a filing cabinet!
  2. Improved Effectivness
    With an HR system, you have everything at your finger tips. This means your business decisions can be made quickly and easily.
  3. Improved Productivity
    A self-service system can hugely increase productivity. No longer do employees have to locate forms for annual leave or write emails updating the team on personal changes to information. No more manual inputting by a member of the team!
  4. Improved Engagement
    Take advantage of the performance areas within an HR system, track objectives quickly and easily, praise members of the team when they have gone over and above and send announcements to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Increased ROI
    HR systems don't have to cost the earth but the time saving measures that they can bring from freeing up yours and your employees' valuable time can be incredible!

HR Software Pricing Plans
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1–10 employees
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11–20 employees
Core HR with self service for every employee
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21–50 employees
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51–100 employees
Core HR with self service for every employee
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101–250 employees
Core HR with self service for every employee
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Are you a UK charity? We offer a discount to registered Charities.

We're an accredited Partner of breatheHR and are able to provide a full range of services to support your implementation. Don't worry, it's quick to set up, simple to use and loved by MD's, HR Managers and employees alike!

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