Operational HR

operational HR

Operational HR to support Business Growth

We can take on work on a case by case basis or you can commission us to provide all of your operational HR provision. We can be flexible to provide a service to meet your budget and needs.

Commissioning HR can provide Operational HR support in areas such as:

  • Contractual advice and written statements of terms and conditions
  • Employee relations advice and case management:
    • Absence management
    • Capability cases
    • Disciplinary cases
    • Grievance cases
  • Clear and appropriate HR policies and procedures -
    contact us for details on our Essential HR Policy Suite
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Restructuring and Consultation
  • Redundancy and outplacement support
  • Reward: Pay and grading structures; job evaluation; benefits packages
  • TUPE transfers and life after TUPE
  • Training and workshops
  • HR Coaching
  • Mediation - conflict resolution

How does Operational HR differ from Strategic HR?

Operational HR concentrates on getting the day-to-day tactical functions of HR running smoothly and meeting the needs of employees, while Strategic HR focuses on the long-term goals for the business and the human element required to meet the projected business growth.

Once the strategic HR direction has been determined for the business, this can then be broken down into step-by-step actions that will support reaching the strategic goals.

Get in touch to see how we can help your business develop and reach your business goals.

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