Mediation & Resolving Workplace Conflict

Mediation & Resolving Workplace Conflict

Mediation in the workplace

What exactly is mediation in the workplace?

Mediation in the workplace is a confidential, voluntary process for resolving disputes where an impartial third party helps conflicting parties have a conversation to find a resolution on which they both mutually agree.

Examples of typical workplace disputes

Mediation is a great way for dealing with disagreements between individuals in the workplace, including relationship breakdowns, personality clashes, communication problems, and bullying & harassment.

Mediation in the workplace can be used in the early stages of a dispute to stop a problem from escalating, or to rebuild relationships after a formal dispute has been resolved.

Commissioning HR’s approach to workplace conflict

Commissioning HR’s mediation in the workplace service helps to resolve these complex and challenging disputes – swiftly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible.

Experience shows that mediation is most effective when used at the early stages of any disagreement. Our accredited workplace mediators are able to offer an external, unbiased approach to addressing workplace issues.

We work with all parties in a dispute to establish their underlying needs and interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately, facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution.

Commissioning HR’s approach to mediation is designed to nip workplace issues in the bud quickly.


Our ultimate aim is to build lasting transformative relationships with agreements that stick.

Does mediation really work?

For mediation to work it requires a commitment from all parties. By entering into mediation with the right mindset – with a willingness to listen to each other; to be mutually respectful; to challenge and be challenged and to seek a new way of working together – there is every chance that mediation will work.

Our accredited mediators will, at the outset and throughout the process, work with each party to check that they are in the mediation mindset and open to engage with the conflicting parties.

Published mediation research

With mediation in the workplace increasingly recognised as an effective means of dispute resolution, the CIPD and ACAS have produced a joint publication which aims to help employers, trade unions and employees in deciding whether and in what circumstances mediation may be suitable.

The publication draws on examples of good practice and offers some practical advice for employers seeking to utilise mediation in their organisations.

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Want to know more about mediation in the workplace?

Mediation is suitable for a wide range of issues. If you are unsure about the suitability of a case or would simply like to learn more information about how mediation can help your organisation, contact us on 01626 563101.

We tailor our mediation support to the needs of the individuals and circumstances involved, in order to facilitate the best and most workable outcome for both the individuals and the organisation within which they work.

Our fees naturally vary according to the nature and complexity of the mediation and the support required. Some situations can appropriately be supported via our time-bound mediation service, typically over a full day.More complex and sensitive situations, particularly those that have been lingering for some time, will require a more flexible, tailored approach which would need to be charged on a time basis. We encourage you to contact us to discuss the approach that would be best for your situation.

For more information on how Commissioning HR can assist in workplace conflict resolution through mediation contact our accredited mediators today.

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