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NEW! 16 Essential HR Policies and Procedures

Is your employee handbook out of date - or even worse sat in the back of an unknown drawer? 

Commissioning HR operates on the principles of having your Key HR Policies and Procedures in one easy to access location, rather than an outdated Employee Handbook.

To acknowledge today's world of technology and communication, Commissioning HR has developed a suite of HR policies and procedures that can be up-loaded to an intranet site, or kept in a suitable location for all employees and managers to access.

Find out more and request your bespoke set of HR policies.

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We provide

  • A health check of your HR and employment practices
  • On site HR clinics
  • Confidential off site meetings
  • Employment Law updates
  • Recommended action and implementation plans
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Coaching service for employees


Leading Human Resources Services

Commissioning HR provides leading Human Resources Services through a dedicated HR Professional. We keep ahead of the field by not only keeping abreast of employment legislation and case law, but by thinking proactively about our clients. We will not only pass on our knowledge in this area but interpret what this means for your business and the steps you need to take with our help.


We are fully committed to your business

Committed to continuing professional development we constantly enhance our skills by keeping up to date in the latest practice in our field, attending CPD events and looking at new ways and techniques to keep people at the heart of organisations. When we read an article, or attend an event or training we do so thinking about our clients and how we can use this knowledge to make their business even better.