HR Policies and Procedures

Essential HR Policies and Procedures for a modern organisation

Commissioning HR operates on the principles of having Key HR Policies and Procedures in place, rather than an outdated Employee Handbook.

Experience shows that an Employee Handbook is an out-dated HR concept in the modern world of technology and communication. Commissioning HR has come across many organisations that produce an employee handbook that quickly goes out of date and does not get applied in practice. When one aspect of the handbook requires updating, the whole handbook needs to be reprinted and communicated and reissued. Larger organisations have, for a long time, moved to separate HR Policies and Procedures.

Commissioning HR’s HR Policy suite is designed to build in the ethos of the organisation and for all policies to link together where appropriate.

The policies are customisable to each organisations practice and terms and conditions. There are optional sections for organisations that want to offer enhancements above statutory legislation. They are simple to follow and build in best practice relevant to your type of organisation. When legislation changes, either through statutory amendments or case law, the policy this relates to can easily be updated independently of the other policies in place.

Dependant on how technologically advanced the organisation is, the policies can either be up-loaded to an intranet site, or or better still, why not sign up to our HR Software and use this as a platform to store important company documents and announcements.

The Essential HR Policy Suite –
designed for small to medium organisations

  1. Equal Opportunities Policy
  2. Disciplinary Policy
  3. Grievance Policy
  4. Harassment & Bullying Policy
  5. Whistleblowing Policy
  6. Absence Management Policy
  7. Performance Improvement Policy
  8. Holiday Policy
  9. Flexible Working Policy
  10. Time off for Dependants Policy
  11. Maternity and Family Friendly Policy
  12. Social Media Policy
  13. Data Protection Policy
  14. Anti-Bribery Policy
  15. Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy
  16. Probationary Policy

From £595 + VAT – to include 5 hours of free tailoring

This essential HR Policy Suite can be enhanced with other policies to suit the needs and complexities of your business.

Examples of additional policies

17. Modern Slavery Statement Template – for organisations with a gloval turnover of £36m – The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires any commercial organisation carrying on business in the UK with a total annual global turnover of £36m or more to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year of the organisation. The statement must be published on the organisation’s website and a link to the statement must be in a prominent place on the home page.

18. Carers Policy
19. Fixed Term Workers Policy
20. Re-organisation and Redundancy
21. Expenses Policy
22. Stress in the Workplace Policy
23. Display Screen Equipment

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Policies and procedures

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